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William February 10, 2007

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  • The name William has been ranked 10 in popularity for boys in the US since 2006.
  • William was the most popular boys’ name in Alabama, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia in 2005.
  • William was ranked number 2 1880 and consistently held that spot until it started decreasing in popularity in 1921. It remained incredibly popular, not dropping out of the top 10 until 1976 and hitting an alltime low of 20 in 1992 and 1995. It has increased in popularity, returning to the top 10 where it will probably remain for awhile.

Reasons for Popularity

  • Nicknames galore – Will, Willy, Wills, Bill, Billy, and Liam offer plenty of options.
  • It has been popular for so long that many Williams name their children William – the nicknames create variety.
  • It has historical significance.


  • The English meaning of William is “determined guardian.”

Alternate Spellings


Is your name William or did you choose this name for your child? Leave a comment sharing the name’s significance for you.


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