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Destiny February 13, 2007

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United States Top 100         Girls


  • The name Destiny was ranked 37 in popularity for girls in the US in 2006.
  • Destiny first appeared on the charts in 1975 at 837. It quickly increased in popularity and broke into the top 100 at 86 in 1994. It reached an alltime high of 22 in 2001 and appears to be creeping away from the popular list. It may be remembered as a fad name.

Reasons for Popularity

  • The meaning of “destiny” or “fate” is favorable.
  • The cute nickname of Desi is available.


  • The French meaning of Destiny is “fate.”

Alternate Spellings


  • Des, Desi, Desti

Is your name Destiny or did you choose this name for your child? Leave a comment sharing the name’s significance for you.


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