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Savannah February 13, 2007

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United States Top 100         Girls


  • The name Savannah was ranked 30 in popularity for girls in the US in 2006.
  • While Savannah might seem like a fad name, it has actually been around for awhile. It ranked 418 in 1880 and eventually fell off the charts. It leaped back into popularity at 465 in 1983. It climbed the charts quickly and broke into the top 100 in 1993 at 96. This year’s rank of 30 is its highest and we may see it become even more popular.

Reasons for Popularity

  • It’s a long name without commonly used nicknames.
  • It’s a way to honor ties to Savannah, Georgia.


  • The Spanish meaning of Savannah is “treeless plain.”

Alternate Spellings


  • Van, Vanna, Vanni

Is your name Savannah or did you choose this name for your child? Leave a comment sharing the name’s significance for you.


10 Responses to “Savannah”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Are there any other nicknames that go with this name? My husband and I LOVE the name, but don’t like the nicknames…just wondering!

    • Resa Says:

      I named a character in a novel that I’m writing (right at this very moment, actually) Savannah and needed a good nickname. Something leaped into my head right away, like magic, but I wanted to see if there were any traditional ones first; I like my idea way better than anything I’ve found so far: Sai

  2. Marci Says:

    I named my daughter Savannah, after the character of Savannah on 7th heaven…(Kevin and Lucy’s daughter)

  3. savannah Says:

    there are way other nicknames
    like savii or sav or savy i never
    used my name and my nickname as
    vanna lol weird

  4. Savannah Says:

    Hey are they any other nicknames for my name i mean i was named Savannah after the show Savannah smiles i love my name all my friends call me Vannah so idk

  5. Kez Says:

    My little girls is named Zavannah, i call her Zavvy or Anna. I love the name 🙂

  6. savannah Says:

    my name is savannah. i am also named after savannah from savannah smiles. some of my nicknames are aimee, banana, sav, and sav with a long a like the first three letters of the name. some other nicknames i know of are sha sha, ava, and vessy.

  7. Savannah-Grace Says:

    I need a nick name! You didn’t help! But I found out what my name means. I always thought it ment “flat dry grass land” like the dichtionary says! ;0

  8. Meagan Says:


    I saw your screen name and smiled as this is the name we’ve picked out for our daughter. So glad to see that i’m not the only one who thought it was beautiful!

    • Kristen Says:

      Our daughter is named Savannah Grace – 16 months old now. My husband always loved the name and since baby naming proved to be too stressful for me during pregnancy and when she was born, he won out 🙂

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