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Tahlia June 21, 2007

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  • The name Tahlia has never been in the top 1000 girls’ names in the US.


  • The Greek meaning of Tahlia is “blooming.”
  • The Hebrew meaning of Tahlia is “dew from heaven.”
  • See Natalie.

Alternate Spellings


  • Tahli

Is your name Tahlia or did you choose this name for your child? Leave a comment sharing the name’s significance for you.


20 Responses to “Tahlia”

  1. Tahlia Says:

    My name is Tahlia and i think its a great name!! 😀 All my friends call me Tal though but its awesome!!

  2. Tahlia Says:

    Hey, mi name is Tahlia


    It’s so unique

  3. Tahlia Says:

    I love being called Tahlia. Its a petty and unique name without being outlandish. Its also easy to know that people are talking to you when someone calls out ‘Tahlia’, because there are so few people with that name. It is hard however to find a good nickname apart from Tal, however my friends call me T.

  4. Thalia Says:

    Thalia is such a great name. My name is splet differently from all of the “tahlia’s” I’ve ever met. I don’t have a nickname because i believe the name you have should be the name you’re called unlike nick names where it ruins the true uniqueness of your name.

  5. Tahlia Says:

    My name’s tahlia. i like it but it kinda annoys me coz its pronounced differently and nobody can pronounce it properly. Ive got the nickname Tah.

  6. tahlia Says:

    hi my name is tahlia and I thinktahlia is a petty cool name .because nobody at my school has that name . my friend call’s me tah one thing that is annoys me is pepole spell my name wrong .I think it is one cool unique name.

  7. tahlia Says:

    Hi i am tahlia and i too love the name, by the way, do any of you guys know what it means? My friends call me tah, tahli & t. i thinki its pretty cool. LOL

  8. Jasmine Says:

    my sisters name is Tahllia and I call her Lea or Lee Lee. Dad calls her T. but some times its just tahlia or tahli

  9. tahlia Says:

    hi my name is Tahlia and i love it but some people say my name differant so i have nick names Tara,tiger,t,tar,Tala,Tahli,Tahls there are so many niknames i cant keep up with them all but i like my name its so indivisual fro the rest and i like having lots and lots of nick names i think its kool

  10. tahlia Says:

    my name is tahlia and i live in wagga wagga i rock da worl and your sox offf hehehehehehehehe

  11. tahlia Says:

    it is so kwl having the name tahlia
    all my friends call me tali i love my name

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